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Books by Keith Brockie

Keith Brockie's Wildlife Sketchbook, Dent 1981
One Man's Island, Dent 1984
The Silvery Tay, Dent 1988
Mountain Reflections, Mainstream 1994
Cuaderno de Campo de al Naturaleza Española, 1995
Drawn from Nature, Arlequin Press 1995
Return to One Man's Island, Birlinn 2012
Glen of the Lapwing, 2019

Books Illustrated by Keith Brockie

The Puffin, M.P.Harris 1983
The Sparrowhawk, I.Newton 1986
The Kestrel, A.Village 1980
The Status of Seabirds in Britain and Ireland, Lloyd et al 1981
The Great Wood of Caledon, H.Miles & H.Jackman 1981
The Barn Owl, I.Taylor 1983
The Golden Eagle, J.Watson 1987
Population Limitation in Birds, I.Newton 1998
Dancing With Ospreys, P.Pullar 2001
The Speciation & Biogeography of Birds, I.Newton 2003
Rural Portraits, P.Pullar 2003
The World Guide to Whale & Dolphin Watching, B & A.Wilson 2006
The Migration Ecology of Birds, I.Newton 2008
The Puffin, M.P.Harris & S.Wanless 2011

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